About Us

Ona Saez, one of the most respected brands in Argentina, was founded by Santiago Saez in 1990. Its name represents an anchorage to the national identity of Argentina. With almost 30 years in the world of fashion, it stands out as a brand with its own identity and commitment to solidarity. At Ona Saez, we want to dress everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or size and we show it every day through of our daily actions as well as the multiple campaigns of social responsibility to which we have adhered. We work daily to strengthen our values of Inclusion, Freedom, Respect, and Equality.


ONA SAEZ is one of the most established fashion companies in the Argentine industry, with more than 28 years in the industry. When creating, we establish fashion as a form of cultural expression, thinking especially of its clients and with individuality as the premise. ONA SAEZ brings high quality and is continuously innovating to develop new ideas that lead to creating products of great commercial and strategic value. It produces most of its products in Argentina, although it has incorporated countries such as China and Indonesia to increase the volume of production without losing the characteristics of the brand. It produces 4 catalogs a year and develops a well-marked line within the same collection for men and women.